52 Wedding Guest Hairstyles For A Glamorous Look

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Weddings are special events, so there is no wonder why we are paying a lot of attention to wedding guest hairstyles. No matter if you are made of honor, friend, or family member, you will probably spend hours and hours searching for the perfect outfit combination, makeup, accessorize, and hairstyle.

Weddings are like fairytales in real life so there is no wonder why all guests are giving their best to make every detail special and glamorous. Often we think that it will be easy to choose the best wedding hairstyle that will suit our outfit, but it’s not always like that. We know roughly that we want for example low bun and then we come to our hairdresser and say: “I would like a low bun.” The hairdresser made a low bun but then we realize that it’s not what we wanted actually.

So, to avoid situations like this one, we suggest you schedule a makeup trial before the wedding day so you can be 100% sure that you will be happy with that hairstyle. It would be great to make the same thing with makeup. If you try both, makeup and hairstyle before the wedding day you won’t feel stressed or worried.

If you have no clue which route to take and you’re running out of ideas, check our top wedding guest hairstyles below.

Wedding Guest Ponytails

A ponytail is a hairstyle that we wear all the time, on a daily base. Especially when our hair is greasy and we don’t have time to wash it, the ponytail is a lifesaver. But we don’t talk about that kind of ponytail. The simple ponytail now has a big role. It becomes one of the most elegant wedding hairstyles. If your hair is mid-length or long, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. 

You can wear it in many different ways. For example, you can wear it as a low slicked tail – elegant, measured, and tasteful, or like a tall, wavy or/and messy ponytail – a bit wild and sexy or a very romantic half braided tail. There are no rules. 

Ponytail has many advantages over other hairstyles. Your hair won’t bother you, your hair won’t stick to your neck and shoulders and the best thing is that you won’t be stiff and stressed thinking about what will happen if your hairstyle falls apart.

Wedding Guest Ponytails 12
Wedding Guest Ponytails 3
Wedding Guest Ponytails
Wedding Guest Ponytails 2
Wedding Guest Ponytails 4
Wedding Guest Ponytails 5
Wedding Guest Ponytails 6
Wedding Guest Ponytails 7
Wedding Guest Ponytails 8
Wedding Guest Ponytails 9
Wedding Guest Ponytails 10
Wedding Guest Ponytails 11

Elegant Wedding Guest Buns

There are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to choose bun for a wedding hairstyle. A bun will always look elegant, your hair won’t bother you and this kind of hairstyle is often stable so it will whole day and night. There are different types of wedding buns, but we choose several.

There are buns with straight hair, relaxed waves, bangs, hair accessories, and many more. You can choose everything you want. It all depends on your preferences. Some of us love low and relaxed buns while others love high and slicked buns. We also found many wedding bun ideas with hairpins so they may look like they are more for brides than guests, but you can always omit hairpins if you think that they could be too much. 

Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 1
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 2
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 3
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 4
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 6
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 7
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 8
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 9
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 10
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 11
Elegant Wedding Guest Buns 5

Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Is there anything better than a fresh hairstyle? Fresh and well-smelled hair is always a great romantic combination. Let your hair fall naturally and give it a lot of volumes.

Those kinds of hairstyles are super-easy to achieve and your hair will look perfect. You can even accessorize it with some sparkly hairpins or add a hair spray so the hairstyle lasts longer. You can add volume just on the tops or to the whole hair. You can also just lift the hair from the scalp or make big curls. Just keep things simple and you will get a glamorous look.

Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles1
Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles2
Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles3
Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles4
Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles5
Glamorous Voluminous Wedding Guest Hairstyles6

Wedding Guest Braids

Trends are changing, but braids are eternal. Braids are romantic, elegant, and feminine wedding hairstyle idea that is always the right choice. No matter if we are talking about relaxed and messy braids or tight and neat braids. You can also wear them in a combination of waves.

A very simple hairstyle that achieves a beautiful and refined effect.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles Braids 1
Wedding Guest Hairstyles Braids 2
Wedding Guest Hairstyles Braids 3
Wedding Guest Hairstyles Braids 4
Wedding Guest Hairstyles Braids 5

Wedding Side Part With Waves

Since now, we saw many different hairstyles with waves because they are a hairstyle you can’t go wrong with. Check our options for the wedding side part with waves.

Wedding Side Part With Waves 2
Wedding Side Part With Waves 3
Wedding Side Part With Waves 1
Wedding Side Part With Waves 4
Wedding Side Part With Waves 5

Wedding Guest Waves

One of the most popular wedding guest hairstyles nowadays is waves. Choose beautiful big waves that will give you a glamorous look. Long hair always looks great shaped in waves, and if you want to remove hair from your face the ideal option is to put on a hair accessorize with pearls.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 8
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 1
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 2
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 3
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 4
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 5
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 6
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 7
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 9
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 10
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 11
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 12
Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Waves 13

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