26 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Did you know that natural strawberry blonde is one of the rarest hair colors? Nothing strange, because only 1 to 2% of the world’s population has red hair. So, there are even smaller chances of having strawberry blonde hair. 

With strawberry blonde, you can’t go unnoticed and that’s why this color is more and more popular. 

So, what is a strawberry blonde hair color? It’s a combination of red and blonde tones. Many celebrities have tried this color and some of them are Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller, Isla Fisher, Adele and Scarlett Johansson. 

As there are many different variations of strawberry blonde, we choose 27 best strawberry blonde ideas from Instagram.

1.) Caramel Textured Strawberry Blonde

It is a great in-between color for those who do not want to go red or brown but still want a hint of intensity. This caramel textured color with blonde tones is something you can’t go wrong with. Those flirty ways will complete your look.

2.) High Contrast Strawberry Blonde

Your strawberry hair can just be a starting point for something different. If equalized tones become boring to you and you want to make something new, but still keep the old color, make highlights. Those high contrast red and brown highlights make a perfect harmony together.

3.) Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde

Those beautiful rose gold strawberry shades are something we want to see throughout the whole year.

This is a hair color that straddles the line between all-out red and strawberry blonde color.

4.) Magenta Toned Strawberry blonde

Who doesn’t love this beautiful color? This strawberry blonde color offers a subtle warmth without dramatic pink or red tones.

5.) Copper Toned Strawberry Blonde

By adding subtle strawberry blonde highlights, you add create warmth to your hair and still maintaining a natural look. This color is a great choice for someone who is searching for a natural look.

6.) Strawberry Blonde With Icy Tones

Warm strawberry tones and cold blonde tones make perfect harmony together. Roots are brown and the middle is a mix of three tones, but strawberry is the most emphasized. There are also icy tones at the tops which break the warmth of the upper part.

7.) Romantic Strawberry Blonde Vibrance

This romantic color is more blonde than strawberry but those strawberry tones can’t go unnoticed. This hair color is brown at the roots, strawberry in the middle and the tops there are beautiful blonde highlights. There is nothing better than adding waves to this lovely hair color.

8.) Multi-tones Strawberry Blonde

This copper with a soft strawberry blonde balayage is everything you need to create a soft dimension. Everything melts together so well and create an incredible finish.

9.) Sunny Strawberry Blonde Background

We have no words for this stunning blonde balayage with strawberry tones in the background. This complex dye job combines blonde, brownish and red tones. The warmth that comes through in this is so soft and romantic, thanks to subtle strawberry blonde highlights.

10.) Warm Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Hair artist Amy from @camouflageandbalayage said that she wanted to create something little warmer with a slight peach/tan tone but not cover the highlights. This dimensional hair color with different tones is so good. It is flirty and you can be sure you will get noticed.

11.) Hints of Red Strawberry Blonde

If you want a natural finish, try this light red-brown base with blonde highlights. This wavy hairstyle makes her hair look even shinier than it is. 

12.) Golden Apricot Strawberry Blonde

Show off your beautiful layers with a strawberry look that starts dark and gradually gets lighter. This is a great hair color option if you want to be blond and strawberry at the same time.

13.) Cinnamon Spiced Strawberry Blonde

The light brown base with warm highlights is a great way to make sure if the strawberry blonde is something you want to fully commit to. This shoulder-length hairstyle always looks fresh and there is no need for excessive blow-drying.

14.) Pretty Soft Strawberry Blonde

This fabulous redhead balayage with strawberry notes and highlights is an adorable combination. Long layers flatter any face shape and allow you to do with your hair anything you want. Nothing is flattering than seeing long and healthy strawberry blonde hair.

15.) Melting Strawberry Blonde

These melting brownish tones in a combination with strawberry tones are full of warmth and romance. You can style this color in light waves to show off the nice blending of the colors.

16.) Strawberry Blonde With Darker Roots

This is not the typical strawberry blonde. It has tones of purple, red, strawberry and silver tones at the tops but everything together makes a perfect flattering harmony. This works great on short hair because it creates depth and dimension that is often hard to achieve on shorter hairstyles.

17.) Seasonal Copper Spice Strawberry Blonde

This gorgeous seasonal copper spice with just a few strawberry highlights if full of life. This fire color is only for the bravest. 

18.) Golden Balayage With Strawberry Undertone

Golden balayage with a subtle rose undertone takes strawberry blonde to the next level. This color is a beautiful solution for girls who want to brighten up their red hair. This just one more example of the power which makes strawberry blonde and long hair in a combination.

19.) Light Copper Strawberry Blonde

The best way to express light cooper strawberry blonde is to make sure that your hair is healthy. Cracked tones will ruin this soft color. This beautiful bob hairstyle with light strawberry tones is everything you need for a great summer.

20.) Ginger With Strawberry Blonde Tones

We are in love with this ginger hair. There are a few different tones of red, but everything together looks so powerful. Let the color do the work and style your look into lovely and effortless waves.

21.) Peachy Strawberry Blonde

The most amazing tones can’t be described in a few words. There are so many tones, and every one of them is in the right place. They create a unique look and make you feel special. It is amazing and enthralling at the same time. It seems like your hair is taking you on a romantic date. 

22.) Light Strawberry Blonde

This is another strawberry combination but this one has a bit more orange in it. A stunning idea for a woman who wants to soften her look but add a little change.

23.) Melted Copper Strawberry Blonde

When in doubt, stay cooper but add a little bit of strawberry for the beginning. Sometimes it is hard to change the color. Especially if you are a copper for years. A great way to make an experiment is by adding a bit of strawberry.

24.) Flash Strawberry Blonde

The perfect way to add a pop of color and reinvent your look in a flash is this hair color. This works great if are going for a natural look. This color is ideal for long hair, so consider adding extensions to your look if your natural hair is not quite this long. You can style this look with a curling wand for quick effortless waves.

25.) Brown, Blonde, and Strawberry Balayage

This hair art is Amy’s work. It is a mix of brown, blonde, and strawberry balayage. So when in doubt, try a combination of few colors.

26.) Classic Red Toned Strawberry Blonde Hair

This classic red toned hair color is taken to the next level with strawberry highlights. These flattering waves give even more shine to this red hair color.


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