13 Purple Hair Ideas That Will Be Your Next Bombshell Hairstyle Look

Purple Hair Ideas

Purple hair ideas become one of the biggest hair trends. Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the celebrities that have shown us how stunning this hair color is.

So, for the last few years, we saw many different variants of purple hair – from lilac, icy purple, light/dark purple, to combination of purple with black, blue, pink, and any other color. There is no limit, it’s proven that you can combine purple with almost every color.

If you have decided to go purple, but don’t know which tone would suit you the best, you are in the right place. Check our top 13 purple hair color ideas that will be your next bombshell hairstyle look.

1.) Smoky Lavender Purple

This stunning gradation is something you should try because life is too short to have boring hair color. This super cute purple tone is a mix of purple and silver.

Smoky Lavender Purple

2.) Flirty Purple

By now, we saw so many different purple hair ideas, so it’s hard to choose which one will be best for us. If you don’t dye your hair at home, we suggest you save a few images and show the color ideas to your hairdresser. Especially if you can’t choose which one do you want. The hairdresser will help you choose the best one and he will also say if it’s possible to achieve a specific color without excessive hair damage.

Flirty Purple

3.) Violet Sorcery

Flirty and adventuresome is the message you send when you wear this volumize and mid-length purple hair. This color is also soft and romantic.

Violet Sorcery

4.) Deep Purple

Deep purple always comes in a combination with a black. If you have black hair right now, you won’t have any problem with achieving this hair. It is also a perfect color is you are afraid to change your color completely. In the beginning, you can just add purple and lighten your hair.

Deep Purple
Straight Deep Purple

5.) Berry/Burgundy Tone

This red-purple color is so perfect in a combination with black. With this color, you will look strong and confident. It is well known that red tones are only for a confident woman. We can also say the same for the purple.

BerryBurgundy Tone

6.) Dusty Lavender

This stunning color works so well on long hair. Especially in a combination with waves.

Dusty Lavender

7.) Dark Roots and Light Purple Tops

If you don’t like to dye your hair from the tops, try one of the most popular techniques right now – balayage, ombre, or flamboyage. At first, you may think those techniques are the same, but they are not. You can find more about those techniques in our post here

Dark Roots and Light Purple Tops

8.) Icy Purple Hair

This icy purple color is perfect if you want eye-catching color. It’s so adorable and cute, especially if your hair is short like this one on the image. Take a closer look and steal this style.

Icy Purple Hair

9.) Silver to Lilac Balayage

OK, this is one of the most perfect balayage ideas we have ever seen. These mind-blowing and calming colors are so perfect. There is nothing better than see strong, healthy and long hair with amazing hair color.

Silver to Lilac Balayage

10.) The Purple Power

Bright purple looks are so stunning. With this color, you will radiate positive energy. 

The Purple Power

11.) Fifty Shades of Purple

This gorgeous hair color is for sure color that will be popular on Pinterest for years. Get this fabulous look right now, because you can’t go wrong with this.

Fifty Shades of Purple

12.) The Purple Perfection

Sometimes we forgot that hairdressers are artists but when we encounter a piece of art like this one, we remind ourselves. This work is so stunning. 

The Purple Perfection

13.) Blue with Purple

This hairstyle is more blue than purple but look at those colors. They look so good together. Darker blue, purple and black makes a perfect match.

Blue with Purple

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