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19 Perfect Ideas For Ombre Nails That Will Become Your Favorite Nail Look

Ombre nails became one of the biggest nail trends ever, so there is no wonder why nail art lovers are obsessed with ombre nails. From the most basic and subtle ombre ideas to the most eye-catching, you will find all of them here.

All nail art lovers have the same problem. You screenshot and save all the good ideas from Instagram and Pinterest because you want to have the best nail ideas when you go to your fresh gel nails. And then appears the problem. You need to choose just ONE idea in the sea of millions saved ideas.

We choose the top 25 ideas so we hope you will find exactly what you want. If not, this gallery will serve you as inspiration for your next nail art. 

1. Green Ombre Nails With Glitter

This nail art is perfect for summer days. Some of the nails are perfectly formed calming ombre, while others are glitter accents. Glitter ombre with glitter are a real inspiration.

2. Soft Peachy Ombre Nails

Those soft nails are something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes. 

3. Mermaid Ombre Nails

Mixing colors and glitter is done perfectly when the color scheme is well planned. You can keep your acrylic styles in the same color scheme but in two different textures. 

4. White Ombre Nails With/Without Glitter

The first combination is color faded white ombre with the accent on just one finger, while the other is without glitter. 

5. Pastel Ombre Nails

We know how hard it is to choose just one color, so here is the inspiration for all color lovers. Try this pastel ombre idea because they are must-have to revive your summer look.

6. Light Menta Ombre Nails

Light menta tones are so adorable. Shifting from peachy tones to white and menta – these nails are perfect for the whole year.

7. Lilac And Peachy Ombre Nails

Bright and soft lilac and peachy tones are so cute. Here is the example that ombre nails can be both, horizontal and vertical.

8. French Ombre Nails

OK, those french ombre remind us of snow and winter because of the sweater. But they are definitely for all four seasons.

9. Summer Ombre Nails

Vertical ombre nails in every color from the color spectrum! And all of them are pastels. Pure perfection.

10. Lilac Ombre Nails

The transition from lilac to bright lilac is so perfectly done. 

11. Galaxy Ombre Nails

Are you looking for some mystical vibes? Those lovely pink and purple ombre with stars are simply eye-catching.

12. Soft Ombre Nails With Glow Effect

If you look closely at those nails, you will see that on the upper part is the natural nail color. 

13. Beige Ombre Nails With Rich Details

We can assume that beige tones work so well in a combination with white. Floral nail art and diamonds are perfect nails accessorize for summer festivals, proms, weddings, and any other occasion.

14. Blue Ombre With Snowflakes

If you want a more subtle color transition, you should combine light colors. Snowflakes are just a perfect match for this ombre combination.

15. Neon Ombre Nails

Those short ombre are just perfect. As neon colors are so popular during the summer, there is no wonder why we see them everywhere around us. And also, orange tones remind us of beautiful sunsets.

16. Summer Vibes Ombre Nails In Colors

We saw a similar ombre idea, with the same color but this one is richer. If you like bright colors and zircons, this idea is your perfect summer match.

17. Black And Silver Ombre Nails

Long nails shaped in a square style are eye-catching. This ombre combination could be fantastic for new year’s eve.

18. Pretty Ombre Nails

This casual look is perfect for office and weekends. The best thing about nail designs like this one is that you can combine them with everything. It’s both, classy and gorgeous.

19. Pink Ombre Nails

For all pink color lovers, here is the perfect baby pink ombre look. With glitter, of course.


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