23 Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas for A Glowing Look

Wedding makeup ideas are a huge territory. We have casual makeup looks, heavy makeup looks, and many more. Pastel colors, glitter, matte lipsticks, golden eyeshadows… We can see all of them at weddings.

But we noticed that natural wedding makeup ideas became more often so we bring you the top 23 looks.

1.) Bronze Makeup with White Underline

The secret of a natural makeup look is to use a little amount of everything. Choose a flawless foundation, but don’t overdo. Use it just to cover irregularities. This beautiful NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals has 16 warm tones, from bronze to beige. It has more than 4000 ratings so it’s for sure worth the price. 

2.) A Subtle Pink Glow

All you need to achieve this cute summer wedding makeup look is pink eyeshadow, pink blush, and pink rouge. This pastel pink shade is so calming and romantic.

3.) Freckles Makeup Look

Natural freckles became a big trend so if you are lucky to have them, don’t try to cover them. Let them breathe. Use a little amount of foundation, just to cover pimples or blackheads. For a more glamorous look, apply lipgloss. You can find similar lipgloss hereNYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Gloss Praline is a product without that sticky sensation.

4.) Emphasized Lips

We can’t ignore the fact that the hairstyle impacts a lot on our wedding look. So, this makeup look won’t be the same if there wasn’t this glamorous volumized hair. A good foundation, pretty rouge, and good hair is everything you need for an elegant look.

5.) Big Eyes and Fluffy Eyebrows

The best way to emphasize your big blue eyes is to let them speak for themselves. Just apply a lot of mascara or use fake lashes (but pick the ones that look natural). Try Essys magnetic eyelashes. They claim that these 3D glamour magnetic eyelashes with the newest magnet design, create the most glamorous look. 

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit, Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes Set, 2 Pair Reusable Lashes

6.) Soft Smokey Eyes with Neutral Lips

Soft smokey eyes are a perfect choice if you want no-makeup makeup. Silver eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid will point out your charming makeup look.

7.) Powder Look

All you need for this charismatic look is a well-pigmented eyeshadow palette with soft colors and a powder rouge.

8.) White Eyeshadow Domination

Look at the power of white eyeshadow. This stunning makeup look is so natural and easy to achieve. Just apply white eye pencil on the lower line and. You can also add lighter shades of brown on your eyelids if you want soft smokey eyes. 

9.) Fluffy Eyebrows

We can’t underestimate the fact that eyebrow shape has a big impact on our whole makeup look. 

10.) Bronzed Explosion

Bronze is so alluring when it comes to a wedding makeup look and any other special occasion. Bronze always looks so elegant and magnificent. A good foundation and bronze smokey eyes are a combination you can’t go wrong with when it comes to wedding makeup ideas.

11.) Beige Eyeshadow Tones

This look is similar to the previous one but with freckles. Not only that people don’t hide their freckles anymore, but the people who don’t even have them want them! 

12.) Glossy Eyeshadow Look

Glossy eyeshadow look seems like created for natural looks.

13.) Golden WoW Effect

This kind of eye makeup is a favorite of many for the wedding season because golden eyeshadows can go along with every wedding outfit.

14.) Natural Beauty Look

If you are not that interested in going for glitter eyeshadows or any other eyeshadow, choose an eyeshadow shade as your skin tone and blend it well. For a more romantic look, apply blush on your cheeks.

15.) Flawless Glow

If you are bored of using classical shades such as brown or beige, pick an orange shade and play with a highlighter.

If you do a good job with the foundation, you made half of the job. Look at the areas where the highlighter is applied ad try to do the same.

16.) The Power of Nude Tones

This classy makeup look is a stunning choice when it comes to wedding makeup.

17.) Perfect Nude Look

Tanned skin is so sexy ad it makes a perfect duo with beach waves. Apply white underline and mascara to complete your tanned look.

18.) Golden Glow

Well-shaped eyebrows make a big difference. The golden glow makeup look is simply made for summer weddings.

19.) Delicate Black

We will step away from simpler natural looks and say that this one is also natural makeup look but in the enhanced version.

20.) Bronze Tones with Glitter

Smooth bronze smokey eye with golden glitter eyeliner makes a handsome visual balance.

21.) Highlighter Power

Are you familiar with a lot of highlighters? If not, you will for sure become a big fan of it. This kind of makeup is a favorite of many for the wedding seasons. It is not too complicated and it is chic. Investment in a good highlighter is a smart decision. We recommend you this Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Powder as it leaves a reflective finish for brilliant glowing skin.

22.) Nude Lipstick

Nude lipstick is always a good idea when you don’t want to exaggerate with your makeup. It is simple and pretty.

23.) Cat Eyes

To achieve this look, you need to apply darker shades of brown on the edges of your eyelids. 


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