11 Glamorous Makeup Ideas For Christmas 2020

We love all about Christmas time. From Christmas spirit, décor, food, cookies to songs and presents, but there is one territory that we adore the most. As we are a beauty blog, makeup ideas for Christmas are on the top of our Christmas wish list. We are enjoying collecting new ideas and sharing them with you.

Take a look at our top 11 Christmas makeup ideas.

1. Gold Glitter Christmas Eye Makeup

There is no better color than gold when it comes to Christmas. You can’t get a more iconic look than gold glitter eyes. To achieve this look, you will need a good-pigmented eyeshadow palette. To achieve a perfect cut crease, you will need a little bit of practice.

We suggest you try this look before you actually need them so that you won’t be in a panic. First, you will need to apply dark brown and black shades and blend them well. Then apply a glitter base on your eyelids and apply as precisely as possible golden glitter. To finish this look, you can apply a black eye pencil on lower eyelids.

2. Black and Burgundy Christmas Eye Makeup

This festive eye makeup looks complicated to achieve, but trust us it’s not that hard as it looks like thanks to makeup artist @batgirlekta that gave us instructions.

Apply maroon eye shadow on the crease making a C. Then blend it with light peach eyeshadow. Apply gel liner in the middle of the eyelid and blend the gel liner with the previous shades and dab some glitter in the middle of the lid. Smoke out the waterline with the same eyeshadows. Apply pearly white eyeshadow on the inner corner and metallic gray on the middle of lower lids, draw a little wing at the inner corner, apply highlighter and finish with lashes. 

3. Green and Purple Christmas Eye Makeup Look

On third place of our top glam makeup ideas for Christmas is this playful makeup look. Those gorgeous colors work so well together. You can recreate this look or maybe try your color combination.

4. White and Dark Perfection Christmas Makeup Look

If you love to combine darker and lighter shades for Christmas, then this makeup look will be perfect for you. You can achieve this glam makeup with other colors also. Instead of gold, you can apply silver glitter. Burgundy tones will also look great in a combination with this gold glitter on the middle of the eyelid.

5. Dramatic Black And Green Christmas Eye Makeup Look

This dramatic eye makeup look is pure perfection. To achieve this look, apply dark brown eyeshadow on the crease, blend with a light brown transition shade.

Then cut the crease with the concealer and smoke out the outer V with black and brown eye shadows. Apply light and dark green eyeshadows on the cut crease and blend with outer V. Apply glitter on the green shadows. In the end, smoke out the waterline, highlight and finish with lashes. You can find more details if you click on the picture and swipe. 

6. Black Fantasy Christmas Makeup Look

This stunning look is perfect for the Christmas holidays. To achieve this look you will need to apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lid and blend with brown eyeshadow.

Then apply bronze gold eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid and blend with previous shades. Apply eyeliner blending on the outer V and dab some glitter on the bronze eyeshadow. Then smoke out the waterline with kohl and the same eyeshadows. In the end, highlight and finish with the lashes.

7. The Golden Sunset Christmas Eye Makeup Look

We love how that added sparkle just sets the look completely off. The touch of bronze and gold is incredible! Those warm tones are just perfect for Christmas magic. 

8. Touch of Bronze Christmas Eye Makeup Look

Do you love to wear the classic black eyeliner flick and a basic eyeshadow? Then this makeup idea is for just – but it’s the next level of basic. First, apply a burnt red eyeshadow all over the lids, blend with burnt orange eye shadow, apply your favorite – wing eyeliner, then add gold eyeshadow on the middle of the liner and smoke out the waterline with the same burnt red. Finish with mascara or fake lashes.

9. Blue Christmas Eye Makeup Look

Why is blue so underrated? It seems like we are afraid to wear bright colors. You can achieve this glorious look by adding a minimum of blue – just on the lower eyelids. Make some soft smokey look, apply basic cat eyeliner a finish with lashes.

10. Double Liner Christmas Eye Makeup Look

This incredible double liner look is perfect for every occasion. The eyes have a beautiful, shimmery blend of eyeshadows that make this look simply perfect. This is such a pretty and elegant idea. You can recreate this look by using a different eyeshadow color.

11. Golden Sparkle Makeup Ideas For Christmas

A combination of golden eyeliner and golden eyeshadow is one of our favorite makeup ideas for Christmas. This makeup look is a pure glamour.

P.S. If you are looking for Christmas nail ideas, check our article and find your best choice.


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