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Iconic Hairstyles For Women Over 50

When we say hairstyles for women over 50, we don’t think that you must choose some specific styles and stop doing something you liked before when you turn 50. But the fact is that the older women become, they often choose the simpler styles.

The women over fifty are often choosing bobs, pixies, and medium styles. There is no wonder why. As our body with specific ages changes, our hair is changing too.

After certain years, in some women hair start to fall out and become rare. The other thing is that grey hairs are a common problem of women over 50 too. That’s the main reason why are women looking for styles with which their hair will look healthy.

Because of the grey hairs, women are also looking for lighter tones as they are easier to maintain. But dark chocolate colors, burgundy and auburn are also popular.

Women over fifty are definitely following the trends, and they know how to look elegant and modern at the same time.

1. Bob Cuts

Look how beautiful hair falls down her face. This lovely brown hair color has tons of depth and dimension that add to the movement of the cut.

This youthful hair color is perfect if you noticed your first grey hair. This hair color is also well recommended if your whole hair is grey. Even if the outgrowth on the roots of your hair is visible, it won’t be very noticeable.

2. French Bob

The cut remains at the chin level and is accompanied by a peaked and super modern fringe. It is versatile and can be adopted by different styles composing an elegant look, in the smooth version. For a retro profile, bet on the ripples, they will provide that 1970s air. But, if you want to follow the current trend, the wavy messy is the big secret, says hair artist Laryssa de Araújo.

3. Pixie 

This casual pixie with long bangs is so adorable. Highlights are giving a fresh look to her face.

4. Short pixie cut

A short pixie cut is one of those hairstyles that will be easy to maintain. You can just use a little amount of hair gel and your hairstyle will be done. With this hairstyle, you will always look fresh.

5. Short Bob With Layers

If you go for a bob with layers, make sure it is styled to shows off your dynamic cut. Moderately voluminous short hairstyles on women in their 50s look better than sleek ones so layers will add volume to your hair. This light caramel hair color will give warm vibes to your hair.

6. Blonde Undercut 

This woman is not over fifty, but we decide to give space to her in this article because this hairstyle is so modern and special. Keeping the hair short and tidy can be an extremely beneficial choice if you don’t like to use a dryer every day.

7. Messy Blonde

Check out the way these layers fall. This is the easy wash-and-go style that allows your hair to lie how it wants without becoming messy.

8. Pixie With Long Layers

If your hair is long or mid-long, you won’t have any problem if you decide for drastic change and do pixie with long layers. Your hairdresser will have a lot of hair, so you don’t have to worry. You will have a style that is ready to go at any moment.

9. Brown Balayage With Short Haircut

You can use natural-looking beach waves to frame the face and emphasize your favorite features. Also, this brunette balayage hair color will make your hair look even better.

10. Blonde Bob

As blonde textured bob is the favorite hairstyle of many generations, there is no wonder why we can see this haircut and color so often.

11. Textured Bob With Balayage

Curly layers give a feel of movement to this caramel balayage bob. If you wear your hair rather “messy” than slicked, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you as it is so easy to achieve curls like those at on the image. All you need for this hairstyle is a little blow dryer brush or hair curler. If you are thinking about a hair curler, we suggest you check this Amazon’s curler. This Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand has more than 13 000 ratings and it is also Amazon’s choice.

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