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6 Genius Ways How To Sleep With Curly Hair Without Messing Up Your Curls

We know that many curly girls have the same problem. You wash and define your curls perfectly but then comes the time to sleep. What now? You know that those beautiful spirals won’t look the same when you wake up in the morning.

Many of us don’t have enough time in the morning for styling our hair so the easiest way is to make a bun. But we don’t want to hide our lovely curls, so we found 6 easy ways how to sleep with curly hair without messing up our curls. And what’s the best thing, those methods are super easy, and they will quickly become a part of your night routine.

Here are 6 ways how to preserve our curls overnight:

1. Loose bun

Flip your hair over, twist and tuck your hair into a loose bun using a silk or satin scrunchie. These silk hair scrunchies are so soft and comfortable. The price is really good for 6 pieces of scrunchies. Don’t stretch out your curls too much because don’t want to break your spirals.

You can also make a loose bun if your hair is wet. Just remember to apply your usual styling products into hair before making a bun. If you don’t like to sleep while your hair is wet, you can either air-dry or diffuse it.

2. Plop

Plop technique is a method that helps your hair to avoid being weighed down by gravity. First, you need to apply a styling product to your hair, and then lay a microfiber towel on a flat surface and flip hair over, allowing it to pile on top of itself into the towel. A microfiber towel will speed up your drying time. 

If you don’t have a microfiber towel, you can plop it with your t-shirt.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple is the method where you need to turn your head upside down and gather your hair as close to your hair at the top of your head as you can. The best thing about the pineapple method is that you won’t lay on your hair. It is because your hair will be right on the top of your head. Pineapple will minimize breakage and hair creases in the morning.

4. Buff

Buff is a long, wide tube of stretchy fabric that is intended to be scrunched up and placed down over your head. Stretch the fabric out and gently guide it over your head so it ends up around your neck like a necklace. The next step is to tip your head upside down and tug on the top of the buff until it encases your hair. If your hair is long, you can tie the top, so you won’t lay on your hair during the night.

Buff is a great idea to protect your curls but sometimes the fabric can slip off from your head, so this isn’t the best method if you are turning often during the night.

5. Braids/twists

Braids or twists are a perfect way to keep your curls from tangling or frizzing during the night. This method can be done on wet or dry hair. You just need to target specific sections of hair and shape them in a way that won’t flatten while sleeping.

Two-strand twists are also easy to achieve. All you have to do is to take a section of hair and divide it into two and wrap the two sections around each other from roots to ends. A two-strand twist is a great method for tighter girls.

6. Satin pillowcase or scarf

We can’t say that the satin pillowcase is a method. It’s a tool, but we found it helpful so it’s on our list. A satin pillowcase is smoother than cotton or any other pillowcase, so it won’t tangle up your hair and mess up your hairstyle. The problem with the cotton pillowcase is that they pull a fair amount of moisture out of the hair. Satin pillowcase has a slippery surface, so your curls won’t tangle or frizz.

 If you are looking to buy a new satin pillowcase, don’t forget the check Amazon’s collection. This satin pillowcase provides a smooth and soft feeling and it will care of your hair too as it creates less friction of your beautiful curly hairstyle and reduces hair breakage. It has more than 26 thousand ratings, so you should give them a try.

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