10 Hottest Hairstyles To Copy This Year

Hottest Hairstyles

Are you bored of wearing the same hairstyle over and over again? You are thinking about finding the new hairstyle idea for the next going out or date but anyway you decide the old hairstyle because you are afraid of trying new ideas or you just don’t have time to try the new ones. 

Be ready to find the hottest hairstyles below.

1.) Side Bangs and Topknot

This hairstyle is so adorable and sexy. It can be done quickly and what’s the best, you don’t need a hairdryer to achieve this hairstyle. Side bangs with topknot will raise your whole outfit. It will be a perfect hairstyle choice if you don’t have time for washing the hair.

Side Bangs and Topknot

2.) Long bangs

Long bangs are so trendy right now. Actually, all kinds of bangs can look sexy if you have a good hairdresser. This super easy hairstyle will be done if just two steps. Make a relaxed bun, and let your hair fall across your face. This hairstyle could be even better if your hair is naturally wavy. If not, you can make soft curls.

Long bangs

3.) Volumized side part with pretty waves

Take a look at this incredible romantic hairstyle idea. All you need to achieve this hairstyle is a good hairbrush and hairdryer.

Volumized side part with pretty waves

4.) Rich curls

What can be more comfortable than loose hair? 

Rich curls
Rich brown curls

5.) Side-swept bangs 

This hairstyle is similar to the third idea. Another proof that loose hair can be sexy and you can wear it for all occasions. Loose hair looks fresh and natural. There are endless lose hair ideas, and what’s the best, you can’t go wrong with this kind of hairstyle. 

Side-swept bangs

6.) Topknot with bangs

This idea is a big trend right now. Take your hair to the next level with this sexy hairstyle.

Topknot with bangs

7.) Gorgeous waves

Long, volumized hair is one of the hottest hairstyles ever! There is no rule about how much volume is enough. In this case, more is better.

Gorgeous waves

8.) Flipped tops

Fliped tops are a big trend this year. We have already mentioned that in our article Hair Trends 2020 – You Can’t Go Wrong With TheseHere you can also check other big hair trends of this year. This hairstyle is incredibly sexy, and what’s the best – flipped tops are so easy to achieve. 

Flipped tops

9.) Mid-long curls 

This seductive hairstyle is a real must-have. We can’t decide what we like the best about this image – incredible pretty women, her hair color or hairstyle?

Mid-long curls

10.) Wet hairstyle

Wet hairstyle look is something we saw on red carpets, weddings, parties, festivals, in the clubs, etc., so we can with certainty say that this hairstyle is for every occasion. There is no doubt, with this hairstyle you will look ultra sexy. 

Wet hairstyle


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