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11 Crazy Halloween Nail Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Statistics have been shown that we are looking for Halloween nail ideas right after the summer – and there is no wonder why. Previous months we were looking for perfect summer nails, so when the summer is over it’s too early for thinking about winter nails and that’s where Halloween nails come in.

If you are a fan of scary and creepy movies and you’re dreaming about applying your perfect horror scene on nails, there is no better time to do that then on Halloween. 

We have been scrolling down through Instagram and some ideas caught our eyes so we want to share them with you.

P.S If you are already thinking about Halloween makeup, don’t forget to check our article with more then 40 Halloween makeup ideas.

1. Wolf’s twilight nails

Our list is beginning with this work of incredible talented nail artist @mdollasnails. Ombre sky in orange tones is the perfect background for black details. Subtle glitter in the sky gives a dose of mystery.

2. Ghost story nails

Every nail can speak a different story. Be creative.

The red color is a perfect background for this set. House with lighting rooms, bats in the flight, ghosts, graves, full moon, and brave branches are a perfect match for Halloween nails.

3. Spooky bats and smoky skies nails

The marbling sky gives dynamic vibes to this nail art. This spooky Halloween nail idea is really easy to achieve. You can get marble nails easily. You just need to apply grey, black and purple nail polish and mix them with the thin wand. 

4. Scary pumpkin nails

Matte black looks so stunning. Black and orange colors are the most often used in Halloween nail art. There are many combinations with pumpkins – from the happy to angry and sad ones, you can’t go wrong with them. 

5. Skeletons nails

We can’t forget the unforgettable skeletons. This is the version with happy and dancing skeletons. The combination of colors is simply beautiful.

6. Twilight nails

This is one of the sweetest versions of Dracula ever. We know that he is supposed to be scary, but who says that he can’t be cute?

7. Bat nails

This creative set of bats really match that Halloween mood. Create a variety of different poses of bats to keep your manicure interesting and playful.

8. Gothic witch nails

And now we are coming back to ombre nails. If you are a fan of them, you should check our article with 19 perfect ideas for ombre nails that will become your favorite nail look. Those tree branches look so creepy and that’s exactly what we want for our Halloween night. Scary messages, blood, and dark are everything you need on your nails for Halloween.

9. Diamond Spider Nails

Brown base looks excellent when paired with orange shades. This spider with a big diamond is eye-catching.

10. Pumpkins in mood nails

There is nothing funnier than seeing pumpkins in different moods. Complementary colors are not just for art school. Purple is another great background color that contrasts with orange pumpkins.

11. Little halloween ghosties nails

Those pretty flying ghosties are so cute. We could wear them all year long. Choose a darker background, for example, black or blue, and let your ghost fly in different ways.


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