20+ Gold Eyeshadow Looks That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Gold Eyeshadow Looks

Ever felt like your outfit is not complete if your makeup is not on the point? You find the perfect clothes, paired it with the right shoes, bag, accessorize and you style your hair perfectly, but something is still missing.

There are so many stunning makeup looks on Instagram and Pinterest that you saved and wanted to try, but when you need to try something new, you just can’t decide. And, in the end, you just apply the usual makeup look.

We feel the most secure when we are doing the things that we already tried.

There are many reasons why we don’t want to experiment with our makeup.

Maybe we are too skeptical or just afraid of mixing the new colors or trying new looks or ideas. Or maybe we just don’t have inspiration at the moment when we need to apply our makeup.

You don’t have to worry because we have a solution for you. As golden tones are one of the most popular tones in the makeup industry, we found more than 20+ gold eyeshadow looks that will make your eyes pop.

There is no wonder why those tones are so popular – you can combine them with almost every outfit, and they look good no matter which color your eyes are.

There are hundreds of ways how to combine gold eyeshadow with other makeup products, from different eyeshadow tones to eyeliners, etc. 

In this article, you can find inspiration for every occasion – from work makeup looks to makeup for parties, vacation, weddings, and many more. 

Golden Glitter With Black Eyeliner

This glowing makeup look is everything you need for a special occasion. When using glitter eyeshadow, the rest of your makeup can stay nude because you don’t want to exaggerate. Classic eyeliner wig will make your eyes even more seductive. A good foundation also has a big role! So, invest your time and money in good foundation products and also learn the basic foundation tips. You can check some of the foundation tips in this video

Golden Glitter With Black Eyeliner

Incredible Shine

Get the eye makeup that will be perfect for a summer wedding. Brown tones work perfectly with gold.

Incredible Gold Eyeshadow

Soft Rose Gold Glam

Gold and nude shades are must-have in every cosmetics purse. 

Soft Rose Gold Glam Eyeshadow

Muse Look

We have already confirmed that gold and black work perfectly together. We can see black eyeliner and gold eyeshadow in hundreds of variations, but one is sure, they will always look elegant and chic.

Gold Eyeshadow And Black Eyeliner Look

Bronze Eyeshadow With Black Eyeliner

Bronze tones with a little amount of gold are so lovely. Summer is the best season for using bronze tones. As in our face makeup, we love to see bronze tones on our body too. 

Basic Gold Eyeshadow And Black Eyeliner

Golden Smokey Eyes

It was no surprise that classic smokey eyes have thousands of variations now. Take a look at this one. Those soft golden shades at the beginning and darker shades at the edge makes a perfect match. 

Golden Smokey Eyes
Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Look

Golden Goddes 

Change your classic eyeliner routine and apply it on the upper and lower lash line. You will look classy and sexy at the same time.

Gold Goddnes Makeup Look

Subtle Golden Look

Golden shades and nude lips are a big trend. Complete the look with a subtle highlighter and pink blush.

Subtle Golden Eyeshadow Look

Rich Gold Eyeshadow 

If you are lucky to have thick eyebrows, brush them up. Brushed-up eyebrows are the next level and they are also one of the biggest eyebrow trends right now. Golden eyeshadows and big lashes are everything you need for a glamorous look.

Rich Gold Eyeshadow Look

Golden Look With A Cut Crease

Here is another example of how brushed up eyebrows can look perfect. For this stunning eye makeup look, you will need to make a cut crease with an eye pencil and just golden eyeshadow. The most important thing is to blend it well. Apply golden 

Golden Look With A Cut Crease

Bronze Smokey

Perfectly done eyebrows are something all of us want. 

It’s all about bronze tones. You can combine them in a hundred ways, and yet they will always look brilliant.

Golden Smokey Eyes Look

Rose Gold Look

Pretty rose gold shades and black eyeliner work so well together.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow Look

Glitter Pearls Explosion Look

Are you looking for something extraordinary? Golden glitter pearls on eyes look simply brilliant. 

Glitter Pearls Eyeshadow Explosion Look

Perfect Spotlight 

This makeup technique is called the spotlight. It’s all about combining lighter, darker, and shimmery eyeshadows to make the eyes look bigger and to get a glamorous impression.

Perfect Eyeshadow Spotlight Look

Golden Flames

Golden makeup is wonderful because with it you can easily add a touch of glamor to your style. Also, gold is a rich color that can transform an ordinary outfit into something chic and elegant.

Golden Flames Eyeshadow Look

Golden Pop

To complete the golden look, apply nude golden lip gloss and add a little amount of highlighter.

Golden Pop Eyeshadow Look

Nude Dream

This gorgeous makeup art is the perfect solution for every occasion. Look how stunning this bright eyeshadow just below the eyebrows looks like.

Nude Dream Eyeshadow Look

Cat-Eye Glam

This subtle but unforgettable gold makeup look is something you can wear to celebrate a momentous occasion, but also for going out or work.

Cat Eye Makeup Glam
Cat Eye Makeup With Gold Eyeshadow

Wild Gold

Get your golden eyeshadow to the next level. This glossy eyeshadow is a big trend so there is no wonder why we see it everywhere around us.

Wild Gold Eyeshadow With Black Eyeliner

Fresh Dream

If you don’t like to have a lot of makeup on your eyes, you can apply just one shade of gold, it will still look elegant and charming.

Gold Dream Eyeshadow Look
Elegant Gold Eyeshadow Look

Subtle Gold

If you like to experiment with your makeup, play with labels. There are many different sizes and kinds of labels. From big and shine ones to small and subtle ones. 

Subtle Gold Eyeshadow Look


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