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French Manicure On 24 Different Ways

Do you know that French manicure is one of the most requested nail designs in the world?

The classic French manicure includes two colors: a sheer nude or light pink color as a base and a thin white polish stripe at the tip.

You can’t go wrong with this classic design. It’s perfect for all occasions, but now we will introduce you to 29 different ways how can you apply famous French mani.

Nail artists moved away from classical French style and introduced enthralling nail designs inspired by this famous classical style.

Enjoy in those beautiful French manicure ideas:

1. Blue French Manicure With Glitter Details

Pastel blue nails work so well with decent glitter. This lovely and soft nude base color merge perfectly with glitter and blue. If you are looking for pastel blue nail polish, our suggestion is to try this pastel OPI Nail Lacquer. We have already been convinced that OPI’s nail polishes are super rich, long-lasting and chip-resistant – with up to seven days of wear time and you will surely be satisfied.

2. Half With French Half Leopard Design

Do you like to experiment with colors and designs? If you do, try this fascinating design. Leopard design became a big trend in the fashion industry. We can see on the streets beautiful dresses, bags, trousers, sneakers and much more peace of clothing with leopard design. So there is no reason why the leopard design shouldn’t be on our nails, and what’s even better, in a combination with white French.

3. Peachy Queen French Manicure

If you have any deciding problems while choosing a polish color before you starting your nail art, you should take a look at this peachy French mani. Those long nails look so cute in this combination.

4. Orange French Manicure Nails

This beautiful orange French with a beige base is summer’s must-have. Mix and match the bright colors with nudes ones. Choose your style!

5. Peachy French Nails With Exotic Details

Are you dreaming about exotic islands, summer, sea, shells, and cocktails? If we could put all those things on nails, and make it abstract, we think these nails are the ones that introduce all of those things we were talking about. Lovely peachy French with colorful metallic glitter that radiates happiness.

6. Rainbow Ombre French Manicure

That lovely combination of colorful French ombre and the basic nude base looks adorable on shorter nails.

7. Classic French Manicure

Here we can see three ways of the classic French manicure, depending on which style you like the most.

8. White French Manicure With Cherries

Fruit inspired nails looks so adorable. This year’s trends are all about colors so add cherries and make a playful combination.

9. Crystal French Manicure

The base is naturally pink and white French is emphasized with silver glitter.

10. White French Manicure Nails

We don’t have words for those incredibly elegant nail looks. They’re perfect for weddings and proms.

11. Dotted French Manicure

The only thing you must pay attention to is choosing the favorite colors. And no, you can’t make a mistake while choosing. Take all the colors from your shelf and get yourself back in childhood.

12. Cow Print French Mani

We saw cherry, peach, dotted, and exotic inspired nails, so we can with certainty say that we can find inspiration for our nails everywhere. This cow inspired nails are so pretty.

13. Soft Glitter French Nails

These cute nails are perfect for summer days.

14. Real Rainbow French Manicure

These pretty rainbow nails are must-have for festivals and rave parties. It’s so simple but striking.

15. Metallic French Nails

 We are so in love with this metallic French. 

16. Hello Kitty Triple French Nails

Hello Kitty hasn’t gone into oblivion, she is still our favorite Kitty. This adorable combination of baby pink tones works perfectly with minimalistic hearts.

17. Lila And Purple Nails With Half French Manicure

Ok, we aren’t even sure if we can call this French manicure. So, we will call this design half French. This minimalistic design is so irresistible.

18. Blue French With Summer Motives

Is this a definition of perfect summer beach nails? Pearls, golden details, zircons, baby blue…

19. Colorful Pastel French Nails

Those super cute pastel colors are remarkable. If you are afraid of combining more colors, relax, because when it comes to pastel colors, you can’t go wrong.

20. Double French In White And Yellow

This outstanding and calming design is simply charming, and what’s the best, it’s easy to achieve.

21. White French With Silver Glitter

We have already seen a few examples with glitter. Here is just one more idea of white French with silver. This gorgeous combo is an absolute glitter win.

22. Cute French Nails In Blue

This dreamy design is so cute.

23. Leopard Design French Manicure

Leopard designs are so sexy. We saw various leopard combinations, but we didn’t see the one where the base and tips are the same color. Those French nails look so good.

One more leopard idea. We promise this one is the last.

24. Colorful V French Nails With Zircons

This flowless idea a real piece of art. Look at all those colors! It’s hypnotizing how good this French is done.



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