17 Next Level Christmas Hairstyles For 2022

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Christmas is almost here, so now is the time to find the best Christmas hairstyles for this year. Take your hairstyle to the next level for the holidays because 2022 is anything but ordinary. This is your chance to try something new and exciting with your hair, so why not experiment with a festive updo or some sparkling hair accessories? With just a few days left until Christmas, now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday look.

We want to see Christmas vibes everywhere around us – from home decor, cookies, songs, sweaters, to nails and hair. So, we’ve found the best Christmas hair ideas for this year. We’ll move away from basic festive hairstyles and bring you into a world of magic. Of course, we love elegant buns, modern waves, curtain bangs, and volumized hair, but why stop there? When we said we’ll take your hairstyle to the next level, we really meant it. Get ready to be inspired and try something new and exciting with your hair this holiday season.

Take a look and choose your favorite Christmas hair look today!

Green Christmas Hairstyle

Try something new and exciting with your hair this holiday season by choosing shades of green. From deep forest green to bright mint, there are many options for a festive and stunning green hairstyle. You’ll feel elegant and daring with this green Christmas hairstyle.

Christmas Hairstyles 24

Wreath Hair Christmas Hairstyles

Prepare yourself to feel absolutely gorgeous and festive with these lovely wreath hair Christmas hairstyles. From delicate floral crowns to bold holly berry wreaths, there are so many ways to incorporate the classic holiday symbol into your hair. Put your favorite holiday dress on and get ready to rock one of these beautiful wreath hair looks for the season.

Christmas Hairstyles 21
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Ginger Hair Christmas Hairstyle

Ginger hair is a beautiful and unique color, and it can be a great canvas for festive Christmas hairstyles. Braids are a classic choice for the holidays, and they can add a touch of elegance to any look. For those with ginger hair, incorporating braids into a Christmas hairstyle can be a great way to show off the beautiful color of your hair. A simple braid down the center of the head or a more elaborate braid crown can both be stunning options.

Messy Braid Christmas Hairstyles

A messy braid can be a great hair idea for Christmas days because it is a fun and festive hairstyle that can add a playful touch to your look.

Christmas Hairstyles 7

A loose braid is a beautiful and romantic choice for a Christmas hairstyle. This type of braid can be created by braiding the hair loosely and leaving some strands out to frame the face. This creates a soft and ethereal look that is perfect for the holiday season. To add some festive flair to a loose braid, try incorporating ribbon or other holiday-themed hair accessories into the braid. This can add a pop of color and make the style even more eye-catching.

Christmas Hairstyles 10

Red And Green Christmas Waves

Red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas, so incorporating them into your hair is a great way to show your holiday spirit. A red and green Christmas waves hairstyle is a wonderful variation on the classic waves look, and it will help you radiate Christmas cheer in the true sense of the word. These colors are bold and festive, and they will make you stand out in a sea of boring black and blonde hairstyles. Plus, they are a fun and unexpected way to add some holiday flair to your look.

So if you want to show off your Christmas spirit in a unique and eye-catching way, a red and green Christmas waves hairstyle is the perfect choice.

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Mermaid Blue Ombre Hair

Mermaid blue ombre hair can be a good hair idea for Christmas because it is a unique and eye-catching color that can add a festive touch to your look. You can also decorate your hair with twinkling Christmas lights or other dazzling accessories to add some extra sparkle and shine to your look.

Christmas Hairstyles 17

Hair Bow Christmas Hairstyle

A hair bow is an adorable Christmas hairstyle. For a touch of glamour, add glitter or other sparkling elements into the bow. If you have ombre hair, your bow will stand out even more.

Christmas Hairstyles 11

Christmas Tree Hair

A Christmas tree hair is a fun and whimsical hairstyle that is perfect for the holiday season. This type of hairstyle involves creating a small Christmas tree shape on top of the head using the hair. This can be done using a variety of techniques, such as braiding, twisting, or pinning the hair into the desired shape. To make the Christmas tree shape even more pronounced, consider adding hair accessories such as ornaments or tinsel to the tree. This will add a touch of sparkle and make the hairstyle even more eye-catching. A Christmas tree hair is a playful and festive option for anyone looking to add some holiday cheer to their look.

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Green Hair Idea For Christmas

Green is a vibrant and cheerful color, making it a perfect choice for a Christmas hairstyle. This bold hue can add a pop of color to any holiday look and help you stand out in a crowd. Green hair can be achieved using temporary hair coloring products, such as hair chalk or washout dye. This allows you to try out the color without committing to a permanent change. Green hair is also a great way to channel the spirit of the season, as it is reminiscent of evergreen trees and holly. Whether you opt for a bold, all-over green color or just add some green highlights, this fun and festive hue is sure to make a statement.

Christmas Hairstyles 1

Christmas Ponytail

A beautiful Christmas tail is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday hairstyle. Relaxed, flowing hair is a romantic and festive look, and adding some Christmas decorations will add even more cheer to your appearance. Whether you choose to adorn your hair with ribbons, baubles, or sparkling tinsel, a Christmas tail is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

Christmas Hairstyles 4

Red Hair Idea – Christmas Waves

Looking for a Christmas hairstyle idea? If you have a long and lush hair, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Those beautiful, lush curls will overshadow any hairstyle. The combination of red hair and waves will radiate energy.

Christmas Hairstyles 15

Ash Blue Waves For Xmas

Ash blue waves are a perfect hairstyle for long hair. The waves add volume and movement to your hair, while the ash blue color adds a touch of excitement. To complete the look, consider accessorizing with a flower or other festive hair accessory. This will add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your holiday style.

Christmas Hairstyles 23

We hope you were able to find something for yourself among our ideas. We believe you have another “sweet concern” and that is deciding on Christmas nails. Don’t worry, we have that covered for you too. Check out our selection of the best Christmas nail designs and find the perfect look for your holiday season. With so many amazing options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will help you radiate Christmas cheer from head to toe.