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21 Blue Nail Colors – Designs You Definitely Can’t Resist

If you are a fan of baby blue, light, dark, or any other kind of this remarkable color, blue nail colors are perfect for your next manicure. 

Blue nail color designs are one of the prettiest manicures you can ever try. You don’t need to trust us – we will prove it.

We will give you 21 reasons why you should choose blue as your next nail color.

Enjoy those 21 blue nail color designs! 

1.) Glow in The Dark blue Ombre

Neon blue ombre is a perfect summer nail idea. If you are a fan of nails art, you can complete those neon ombre nails with black details. Some of the ideas for nail art are to draw palms, cocktails, and birds. You can paint anything that reminds you of summer.


2.) Blue Nails with Crystal Effect

We saw a similar nail design but this one is with crystals. What a perfect color combination! These nail designs will make you glow everywhere.


3.) Blue Glitter Ombre

Blue glitter ombre combination is so eye-catching. As blue is one of the best colors for summer, you can never go wrong when wearing blue tones. Blue glitter ombre nails are one of the best combinations for summer nails.


4.) Baby Pink and Blue Ombre With Glitter 

If you’re looking for eye-catchy nail art design while summertime but don’t want too flashy colors, baby pink and blue is a good choice. Those ombre nails look so calm and adorable.


5.) Blue Waves with Golden Detail

Golden polish is so elegant and there is no wonder that it looks stunning on nails. Look at this combination of colors. Shades of blue and golden – they make perfect harmony together.


6.) Iced Blue Nails

This basic but inspiring iced blue nail idea is so charming.


7.) Light Blue Nails with French And Glitter Design

You are thinking about French manicure, but want something more extra? Challenge your imagination and try this nail color design. These French nails are a combination of light blue nail color and darker glitter. Let your nails sparkle!


8.) Neon Blue Nails

This eye-catching neon blue color is perfect for summer. Try this idea. we promise you will love them!


9.) Blue Nails with Metallic Details

This perfect match is a combination of blue and metallic nail gel. They are spectacular.


10.) Blue Mermaid Inspired Nails

Magnificent match of mermaid colors is a must-have for beach days. When we go on vacation, we don’t want boring or classic nails, we want to experiment. Look how many details merlin_nails combined, and yet, they all fit perfectly.


11.) Blue with Peach Details

Peachy nails look both soft and eye-catching so we can pair them with blue tones. To emphasize combination, apply glitter.


12.) Galaxy Nail Design in Blue and Black

This galaxy nail design is so inspiring.


13.) Blue Matte Ombre with Glitter Shine

Gorgeous ombre nails on the one side, and glitter glossy design on the other. 

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14.) Mermaid Inspired Ombre Nails in Blue

Need the whole glam summer look? This blue nail color in ombre is so adorable. Nude tones work so well with blue. Mermaid inspired details are just accessorize to this beautiful nail look.


15.) Take Me to The Clouds Nails

Those nails look like they jumped out from a fairy tale. They are so magical and full of details.


16.) Pastel Blue with Ombre 

Pastel ombre in light blue version is so adorable and soft. This is such a pretty set of nails. This gradient coloring from light blue to the beige is so cute. You can complete this nail look with small zircons.


17.) Silver and Blue Nails with Glitter

This nail art design combines different colors, from blue, and dark blue to silver. Glitter always makes any nail art design even more attractive. If you can’t choose between colors or techniques, take all of them.


18.) Baby Blue Nails

Those simple and shiny nails are so minimalistic. Rarely applied glitter raises the whole combination.


19.) Blue Floral Nail Design

This unique floral design is so beautiful. Light blue works so well with these romantic flowers. Try this Essie’s sky blue nail polish.


20.) Leopard Design Nails

Those leopard nail ideas are completely different from all previous ideas we saw. If you are a patchwork lover, those nails are for you.


21.) Ocean Waves Nails

Are you dreaming about summer and the sea throughout the whole year? Who said ocean-inspired nails are just for summer and beach days? We can have them for the whole year. Won’t be a great idea to have ocean waves on your nails during the cold and rainy autumn or winter?


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